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Employee Payslips

From 1st April 2019, additional information regarding hours worked will have to be given on employee payslips, in certain circumstances.

Where employee pay, or elements of pay, varies, dependent upon the hours worked, then the hours for that payment, must be shown on the payslip.

This will mainly apply as follows :-

- Staff, who are paid an hourly rate, with the number of hour worked being used to calculate their pay, for a pay period ( Week / Month / 4weekly etc )

- Overtime, whether paid at normal rate or higher rate.

Where payments are made to staff for a regular weekly wage or monthly salary, hours do not need to be shown, for this element of pay. This is because earnings relate to a set number of contracted hours, that don’t vary. Even if pay is reduced due to sickness or unpaid absence, hours do not need to be shown.

Directors who do not have a contract of employment, (which is virtually all directors of small businesses) also do not need to show hours, as the payment is simply for being a director, not the number of hours worked.


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